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    Auto insurance is one of the cornerstones of every insurance program. We at the Rusty Healy Agency understand that a policy should fit your individual needs rather than be part of a preset package. Having an agency understand the needs of their clients is very important which is why we carefully review every situation and make recommendations accordingly. There are many important aspects to consider when selecting insurance coverage. We review with you various aspects to customize the coverage to fit your needs.

    Are you the type of person who prefers a higher deductible with a lower premium or would you rather have a lower deductible and a higher premium? Each choice comes with its own benefits but only you can decide which choice is the right one for you.

    Having a low comprehensive or collision deductible at the time of an accident can be very convenient and will also help avoid a big shock to your checkbook. On the other hand, carrying a higher deductible can reduce your insurance premium, resulting in substantial savings.

    How much liability insurance are you carrying? Even the safest and most careful drivers can be unlucky or make a mistake, resulting in devastating consequences. Millions of dollars are paid out year after year defending and settling claims for bodily injury and the judgments have never been higher. Having an adequate coverage limit is paramount in protecting your financial future, and helping to tailor the right coverage for you is what we at the Rusty Healy Agency are here to do.

    Does your policy have adequate coverage for uninsured motorists, towing or rental car reimbursement should you need them? How do you decide how much medical coverage you should carry? All of these are important questions the Rusty Healy Agency is here to help you answer. In addition to automobile insurance, we also offer customized policies for motorcycles, three and four wheelers, tractors, campers and marine vehicles.

    We would like to live in a perfect world where people take responsibility for themselves and their actions but let’s face it, we don’t. This is where having the right insurance policy can play an important role in helping you avoid the costly expense of someone else’s mistake. Contact the Rusty Healy Agency today to find out how we can help you find the right policy to fit your individual needs.

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