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    Wonderful Team

    We were very happy with the great service we received. Everyone was so kind and helpful throughout the home insurance process. I highly recommend them!
    - Danielle


    We had a water leak at the edge of our foundation and I called a plumbing company; they quoted us $3974. The next day I called Rusty to see if he had any recommendations (I wasn't sure if it would be covered) or if he had another references we could call. I called the company he suggested. They came out the next day and within 45 min, the leak was fixed and we were out of pocket only $200. He knows the good honest people to refer his clients to... because HE IS a good honest person. So thankful to have Rusty in my corner when emergencies arise.
    - Heather Deuel

    The Extra Mile

    After being quickly denied by the insurer on a windstorm claim, Rusty requested a second look, which the claim was re-opened and my roof was replaced. This is why you need to have someone local on your side.
    - John Bourland

    5 stars!

    I’ve known Rusty Healy since 1995. Not only is he a great guy, family man and community builder, he is a first rate, top notch hands-on service insurance agent! While I haven’t had a ton of claims, he has professionally assisted me with the 2 claims in 18 years of coverage. Rusty and his staff always answer questions promptly and explain coverages and premium amounts. I obviously highly recommend Rusty and Nationwide!
    - Albert White

    Good People

    The Rusty Healy staff is a great group of people. They care and also do what they promise. Very professional group.
    - Richard A Tucker

    New roof

    Rusty is super easy and convenient to work with. Our new roof looks amazing and would recommend Rusty any day of the week!
    - Allen Brewer

    Home Insurance Renewal

    What an awesome agency to deal with !! The customer service is second to none and the friendliness and professional is awesome . Ms Spencer Davis contacted me about renewing my home insurance. She asked for my permission to shop around for better rates and found those rates for me. She called me and we talked through which rate was better and why. It was just like talking to a family member about a business matter and getting solid advice on how to proceed!! Thank you Spencer for taking the time to save me money, keep me covered, and even get me more coverage than what I previously had !! Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!
    - Ken Brent

    Great and fast service!

    Everyone is always helpful! I have never had anything problems getting what I need!
    - Erin Purvis

    Excellent experience!

    I am a new customer of Rusty Healy's agency and am thrilled with the service that I have received thus far! Spencer has made my transition from my former insurance company so seamless and easy! She took the time to explain the benefits of being insured with them and found me the best rates. Thank you, Spencer!
    - Lauren

    Helpful, Caring and Engaging

    You were such a dear friend to my father and now have continued the "tradition" helping me when I need it most. Your office staff have always been extremely professional but, perhaps as important, helpful, caring and engaging. These days such friendly and highly competent personnel are few and far between. Especially, in my personal circumstance, it is reassuring when they know my name, not just how to locate my file. Thank you, Rusty, for what you do and how you do it for each client individually, not simply as a name in your customer-base. Merry Christmas and God bless.
    - Courtney Snider

    Years of service

    I’ve been a client since 1988 and couldn’t recommend Rusty and his team more highly. Anytime I’ve needed something it’s been handled quickly and without stress. The team he works with is always great and I’ve never considered shopping policies because I know I can’t get better services anywhere. I feel like they really do have my back. They are finishing up a project now and I have had zero issues.
    - John L. Henson

    Simply The Best

    I’m not one to write reviews but Rusty and his team are simply the best when it comes to the lost art of customer service. It is next to impossible to find folks who really care about helping their customers. If you value high quality customer service, look no further.
    - Gines Perez

    Thanks for great service!

    Kevin and I have had Nationwide and Rusty Healy Agency since 2004 when we brought our 1st home in MS. Every time we’ve needed to make a claim for our home, auto, or rental property, we have never had anything but an immediate response of yes, and what else can we do! Nationwide can’t be beat!! Sincerely, Sylvia Walker 4844 Brookwood Pl. Byram MS
    - Sylvia Walker

    Great Service

    I have been a customer of Rusty's for about 20 years. I recently filed a claim for hail damage. Rusty and Nationwide acted quickly and resolved the situation. I am in the process of getting a new roof and am very happy with the response and service they provide. I would heartily recommend the Rusty Healy insurance agency to everyone in need of insurance. Thanks, Mayor!
    - Robert Weems

    Wonderful Years of Service

    I need to cancel my insurance policy with you. I am in the process of moving to Wisconsin and have obtained insurance with another company. Nationwide and your agents have really been good to me. Thank you for the wonderful years of service.
    - Tikessia Johnson

    Appreciate You

    Jan & I want to thank you for being our agent all these years. We have been blessed with two great agents since 1990. First was Jimmy Knight in Meridian 1990 - 2003, and then you from 2004-now. The claim we made recently on the water damage from the ice storm was taken care of without hassle and done professionally. Jan and I will be moving to Jacksonville,Alabama in July and we appreciate you recommending Mark Lee in Oxford, Alabama to us. We will give Mark your name and phone number and let him know you recommenced him. I will have him contact you for the information on the vehicles. Again Jan & I want to thank you for all your help and it has been a pleasure knowing you.
    - John Nolan

    Excellent Job

    I called about an emergency tree removal and Rusty got a tree service to my house the next day. While they did the removal, which was a very professional tree service, Rusty got my claim processed with money expected the next day. I completely recommend Rusty Healy Insurance Agency. Great company with great people.
    - Terry V.

    Great Agency!

    We have enjoyed knowing Rusty and his team for more than 25 years. He is not only our insurance agent, we count him as one of our best friends. Knowledgeable, friendly, and caring folks that are great to do business with. Home and auto coverage gives us just one person to call for the best service.
    - Norm Chappell

    Great company!

    I highly recommend this agency. They made it welcoming with great customer service. If you’re looking for insurance, these are your people!
    - Chandler

    Caring & Efficient Service

    I have obtained my car insurance with a company here in Massachusetts, effective as of this date so you can cancel my Mississippi policy for my 2006 Chevy Malibu starting in September 2020. I want to thank all of you in the office for the caring, efficient care and service you have provided me the past 29 years while I lived in Mississippi. I always felt safer knowing you where there looking out for my needs. Thank you for everything.
    - Shiela

    Look No Further ...

    Highly, highly recommend Rusty and his team. When selecting home and auto insurance, it's good to remember that your local AGENT can make all the difference if you ever have to make a claim. We learned that firsthand. My husband and I were among many Mississippians earlier this year who had a pipe freeze and flood our downstairs. While other people had to wait for remediation teams -- which were stretched thin to the large amount of claims -- Rusty cut through red tape and got us the last set of dehumidifiers and fans available in the region at that crucial time. He also smoothed the way by hooking us up with a contractor who not only helped us move our furnishings to a safe location, but oversaw the replacement of our damaged flooring and other repairs. How well things were going really hit home when we happened to meet someone who had a pipe burst that same night. They had insurance with another well known carrier/another agent -- and while our floors were well on their way to being replaced, they were still waiting for the remediation team and adjusters to arrive. That made a believer out of us!! Not only is Rusty extremely helpful and knowledgeable, he is always a delight. I would recommend to a friend.
    - MuffinsMomma

    Flooded car

    Rusty is a great agent with knowledge to get the problem solved. He helped me with my flooded car during the holidays. He followed up with me to ensure the issue was fixed. I definitely would refer him to anyone looking for an agent. His staff is very helpful and will make sure the agent follows up with the client. I would recommend to a friend.
    - Johns111

    Terrific service!

    Rusty is a fantastic agent and I highly recommend him and his agency. I have been a customer of Rusty's for over 10 years with both home and auto coverage and you will not find a better agent who provides great service without fail. I would recommend to a friend.
    - BClanton

    Fantastic in every way

    I was with Rusty and his staff, for car and auto, for 5 years while i lived in the house and 2 more years while it was on the market. They were fantastic every step of the way....through new roof after hail damage to changing to vacant house policy and everything in between. Every single person I interacted with was helpful, thorough, conscientious, and always looking out for my best interest. I cannot recommend them enough!!! I would recommend to a friend.
    - Anonymous

    Best in the Business

    I recently decided to change my insurance provider due to poor customer service and drastic increases in rates (with no claims, accidents, moving violations, etc.). My former provider was a national provider with no local agents. I switched to Rusty Healy's agency for my home and auto insurance needs and my rates went down by hundreds of dollars. The customer service at Rusty Healy's agency is unparalleled. They are ALWAYS available. I often call or drop by without any appointment, and they are able to attend to my insurance needs quickly and efficiently. I recently had to submit a claim for a rock repair for my vehicle windshield. I contacted Rusty. He responded immediately and gave me a number to call. After a brief phone conversation, someone was dispatched to my work within a couple of hours. The rock repair was completed in minutes at no cost to me. AMAZING! I simply can't recommend Rusty Healy's agency enough for your insurance needs. I would recommend to a friend.
    - JeffH

    Fantastic Agency in All Aspects

    When I first moved to Ridgeland five years ago, my dad recommended Rusty Healy for auto and home insurance because he had dealt with him 25 years earlier when he lived in Ridgeland. I have been highly satisfied with the level of service, response time, knowledge, character, and integrity of Rusty and this agency. I have home, auto, and my wife's engagement ring insured with them and have been pleased with all dealings I've had with the office. Since being insured, I've had hail damage to my home and vehicle as well as a car accident. Rusty has patiently walked me through the process and made a difficult situation a very painless process. I've recommended them to many of my friends who are now pleased clients of the Rusty Healy Agency. I would recommend to a friend.
    - MasonDixon

    Highly recommend Rusty Healy

    We recently had a water line bust under our slab and flood a portion of our house. This was the first claim we've had as homeowners, and an experience we never expected. I immediately called Rusty after the incident and he thoroughly explained the process and what to expect. The entire process was painless and stress free thanks to Rusty and the Nationwide team. I would recommend to a friend.
    - JohnR

    So Easy

    I love how I can do business over the phone or by email, yall make it so easy for working people who can't get to the office during business hours. Any time I need anything or have questions I get a fast reply and "sure no problem". Thank you and keep up the great customer service! I would recommend to a friend.
    - RB79

    Great insurance reps!!

    Made the transfer from my last insurance company very easy and relaxing! Very satisfied so far! I would recommend to a friend.
    - Junk

    Rock in window

    When our two year old decided to throw rocks through the rear window of our car, Rusty was a LIFESAVER! Rusty was available as soon as we called and took the case under his wing from the very beginning. There were multiple conversations with upper level Nationwide employees that he had to make in order for this entire process to be completed. Rusty was able to make these upper level connections because of the relationships he has developed over the years through Nationwide. Rusty fought for his customers and did a fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!! The customer service that Rusty has and that he has developed with his fantastic office team is real...they care about what they do and who they serve! We have been with Rusty for many years and plan to stay for many more. I would recommend to a friend.
    - harrington

    Amazing 1 on 1 Service

    Rusty, and his team, are great folks to work with. They worked very diligently to get us in our new home and transfer our home and auto insurance from another company. It was very quick and easy and they explained everything in detail to make sure all was understood. Thank you very much for all of your help! I would recommend to a friend.
    - CWTW

    Great service and knowledge

    Rusty and his staff have been very helpful over the last 12 years, they have helped me with my home and auto policies and changes. I recently had my first truck and home claim and they were handled quickly and to my satisfaction. I would recommend to a friend.
    - Fordkor

    Great Team!!!

    I have had to file a claim twice on my home due to weather related damage. Rusty and his team were very supportive, informative and made sure I got prompt service . Great support during very stressful times. I would recommend to a friend.
    - BTiffany

    Hail Damage claim

    I am happy to thank Rusty Healy and the Nationwide adjuster who helped me on the recent repair to my vehicle from the March 2013 Hail Storm that hit Jackson, MS. Once i submitted my request, Mr. Healy took over and I felt that he and the claims adjuster worked very hard on my claim. Each called me several times to assure they were working on the claim and will get everything taken care of in a timely manner, which they did. Happy to call Rusty my agent now for over 12 years. Thank you. I would recommend to a friend.
    - John S. Madden III

    Customer service

    I received excellent customer service from all of the Nationwide team during a recent claim experience from an auto accident. Everyone was very responsive and supportive including the local agency, the adjuster who estimated damages, the lady who processed my claim, and the person at the call center when I first initiated the request. My vehicle ended up getting totaled and the adjustor talked me through in detail the extent of the damages, and I feel that I received a fair settlement in the end. I definitely saw where your team lived up to its motto "Nationwide is on your side". I would recommend to a friend.
    - Bob K


    I have known Rusty for quite some time. Met him when I had questions about my boat insurance. Started off great and continued just as good! I have since had the benefit of super service from a quality business person. He is very well respected and known for his honesty and stand up personality! I would recommend to a friend.
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